We spent and autumn weekend up north on the shore of Lake Superior on the Apostle Island chain’s beautiful Madeline. K-4244 is the Big Bay Sand Spit and Bog State Natural Area and the location was a stunning place to do a Parks on the Air (POTA) activation. Thank you to everyone that participated in this event.

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Items Mentioned:
40 Meter Link Dipole Antenna: https://youtu.be/zvtKlqQ6DSo
Talentcell 12ah LiFePO4 Battery: https://amzn.to/2WDy5u9
TC Teardrops 5×8 trailer: http://www.tcteardrops.com
Big Bay Town Park: http://www.bigbaytownpark.com/
Madeline Island Wisconsin: https://www.madelineisland.com/
Dinner by Cafe Seiche: https://www.cafeseiche.com/

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