Join Joe and I for a special live presentation of Ham Radio Q&A. Beer and Ham Radio – anything could happen; especially considering we’ll be working without a net.

Topics Covered:
Channel update, upcoming videos: 03:48
Programming DMR Radios: 09:08
Yaesu FT-897 trouble retaining display settings: 12:24
How I got started with ham radio: 16:00
Shortwave radio reception reports (QSL): 21:50
Good location for an antenna if you can’t put it on your roof: 26:25
Chameleon MPAS, dipole and vertical options, ground radials: 29:45
Every day carry / Swiss Army Knife love: 35:30
Why a non-contact tester isn’t good for ham radio use (multimeter talk): 38:30
Will Baofeng radios be outlawed on September 30, 2019 (GMRS): 42:15
What is your favorite portable HF vertical antenna: 46:40
What bands do the Wolf River Coil cover: 50:40
Upcoming hamfests that I will be attending: 52:19
Closing thoughts / satellite communications: 54:29

Items Mentioned:
Tactical Key:
Swiss Army Spartan (the one I carry):
Meterk Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter:
Chameleon MPAS:
Wolf River Coils:
Fantasy Factory IPA:

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