I’m sure this has happened to you. You have a Baofeng handheld radio like the UV-5R and you set it down. The radio promptly falls over. If the radio has the extended length antenna, it’s even worse. The radios are so lightweight, that they just don’t want to stay put. Now I suppose you could just let the radio lay on its side, but that will kill your reception.

Bradley at General 3D shared with me an ingenious solution. It’s a small plastic stand that he designed that custom fits the base of any Baofeng UV-5R body style radio. The stand greatly improves the stability of the radio, especially with long antennas like the Nagoya NA-771. Now you can set your radio down on your desk, or a picnic table, or any uneven surface and it will stay upright.

The stand is printed in PETG plastic, so it won’t melt in your car or become brittle with UV exposure. Right now the stand is available for the Baofeng UV-5R series radios, but more styles are coming soon, including the popular Radioddity GD-77.

The stands are sold on eBay under the user name general_3d or go to the website www.general3d.com. If you have any questions, you can contact Brad via the ebay messenger.

I’ll be putting one of these little stands in my go-kit, and another in my camper. They’re pretty cheap so it’s easy to get a bunch and spread them around.