When we use our handheld radios or the mobile in the car, we really don’t think about or rarely appreciate the hard work and effort is takes to keep a repeater system on the air. Many amateur radio repeater systems are highly engineered but also run on a shoestring. It always amazes me of the amount of technical effort that goes into building and keeping these systems on the air.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a local repeater site. Our amateur radio club went up to the Mosinee Hill site in North Central Wisconsin to do a little bit of maintenance on the systems located there. Tucked away in the little concrete shack are more than a half dozen stand alone and linked repeaters. The average ham seldom gets to see what makes these repeaters work, so I’d like to give Mark, N9MEA a big thank you for giving us a behind the scenes tour of the repeaters at Mosinee Hill.

So the next time you hear that system ID, you’ll have a better understanding of what makes these systems tick and I hope better appreciate the effort that goes into building a repeater system.

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Wisconsin Valley Radio Association (Wausau, WI) http://www.wvraclub.org

Wisconsin Association of Repeaters http://wi-repeaters.org/

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