Did you see the eclipse today? Did you work the Solar Eclipse QSO Party. The Great American Solar Eclipse was Monday August 21, 2017, and was viewable for much of the continental United States as the moon cast a path of darkness from Oregon to South Carolina. I set up my radio on the porch and worked a little HF, observing the eclipse and experiencing the ever changing propagation during the event.

Watch the video below for the full experience.

So, what did I learn. Even with the enhanced propagation that an eclipse can bring; when you are at the bottom of the solar cycle, you’re at the bottom of the solar cycle. 40m phone operation was dismal. Using my vertical antenna, I had a low noise floor, but most of the stations where in the weeds also.

As we hit the maximum for the eclipse (we where 80% obscured at my location), I did hear the band go long and then quickly retract as the sun became more visible. I found that phenomenon to be particularly interesting.

Path of 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse. Map Courtesy NASA

The next total eclipse to be visible for a significant portion of the US will be 2024– a mere seven years away. With a track rising up through the middle and eastern portion of the country, it will be close enough to easily travel for a better view. I guess I’ll have to start making plans.

Did you witness the eclipse? Did you operate during the event? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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