Long time viewers of my Youtube channel know that I periodically do reviews of products that I find may be of benefit to the amateur radio community. Back a few months ago I reviewed the Iso-Tip Pro 50 butane soldering iron. This inexpensive portable iron has been an indispensable part of my field kit for years. Well, the folks at Iso-Tip saw that review and recommended that I check out their Iso-Tip #7700 rechargeable soldering iron. Full disclosure: they sent me a soldering iron to review.

I must say that I’m impressed. I never had any experience with battery operated irons. I have a Weller soldering station that I usually fire up for most solder jobs, but I found that I’m grabbing the Iso-Tip off my desk and using it due to its portability and convenience. With a warm up time of 10-15 seconds, its ready at the moment’s notice for those small jobs. And being cordless, I can use it anywhere in the house or outdoors. No more searching for an outlet or concerns about the flame generated by the butane iron. That means it’s perfect for confined spaces like under a car dashboard.

For more on the Iso-Tip #7700 rechargeable cordless soldering iron, please check out the video:

Model #7700 Specs (via Iso-Tip website)

  • Fully recharges in 3.5 to 4 hours
  • Partially charged battery to full capacity in one to two hours
  • Up to 125 soldering joints per charge during continuous use
  • Withstands high-rate charging without damage
  • Replaceable Ni-Cd battery
  • Made in the USA

Includes: cordless rechargeable Quick Charge soldering iron, charging stand, #7545 fine tip, #7546 heavy duty tip, battery, and instructions.

Purchase Iso-Tip #7700 Cordless Soldering Iron (amazon link)

Final Words:

The iron heats up fast, has a nice ergonomic feel in the hand, locking power button, and work area light. The charging cradle has a little tray to hold the not in use tip. Down sides: I wish the stand had an integrated sponge to wipe the tip with. Also the iron feels slightly warm when it sits in the charger, but I believe is probably normal.

If you do a lot of little soldering jobs or are an occasional user, this iron will be a welcome addition to your workbench.