Well, the new year is right around the corner, so lets take a look at the past year. Hi I’m Michael, KB9VBR, thanks for joining me on another episode of Ham Radio Q&A. 2016 was a great year for my blog and ever growing Youtube channel. I really appreciate all my fans and viewers that help make this channel a success. So as my gift to you, I’ve compiled a list of most popular videos and blog articles from the past year. Some of the entries are kind of surprising and others are expected with the high viewership that they received. So without further ado, here are the top articles and videos from the last year.

10. 2016 Wisconsin State ARES/RACES Conference

My annual recap of the Wisconsin ARES/RACES conference is usually a popular article, but this is the first time in my memory that this year’s article made the top ten list. If you read this year’s recap, you’ll get information on ICS forms and ARES recruitment and retention.

9. My NPOTA Adventure

National Parks on the Air was the ARRL’s capstone event this year. I had the opportunity to activate parts of the Ice Age Trail, North Country Trail, and St. Croix National Riverway, all located in Wisconsin. Read more about the challenges involved with playing radio out in the wild.

8. W9BVX Helium Balloon Vertical Antenna

A member of our local amateur radio club had the dream of launching a balloon lifted antenna. This must see video captures that exciting event.

7. The ITU Phonetic Alphabet

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Do you experience trouble in being understood on the air? Make sure you are using the proper ITU phonetic alphabet. This video walks you through it.

6. Product Focus: Acurite 02020 Lightning Detector

This year I started producing product review videos. The first one was the Acurite 02020 Lightning Detector. This little device really works and is an excellent companion at any field day site or outdoor event.

5. Product Focus: Luiton LT-898UV Dual Band Mobile Transceiver

My second product focus was the Luiton LT-898UV VHF UHF mobile transceiver. This tiny little radio puts out 10 watts, but don’t assume its a lightweight. It still gets the job done.

4. Ham Radio’s Peculiar Language

Do we hams talk funny? Yeah, we probably do. But this article on Ham Radio’s Peculiar Language will get you up to speed on the slang and jargon you’ll experience on the air.

3. Tying the Pipe Hitch Knot

Do you want to lift an antenna up in a tree? Or maybe you need to rig an antenna so it can be raised up to a tower climber installing it. Tying the Pipe Hitch Knot is one such skill that will serve you well.

2. Building an Ultra-Portable Go Box

Building the Ultra-Portable Go Box is the second part of the Luiton LT-898UV mobile transceiver review. In this video you’ll get my on the air impressions of the unit and see how I used it to make a tiny battery powered go box

1. Buying your first amateur radio

The top blog article of 2016 was also one of the most videos of the year. With over 9,000 video views Buying Your First Amateur Radio is extremely popular. In this video I offer tips on choosing a first rig with a clear upgrade path in mind.

There you have it, the top videos and blog articles for the year. Links for all of these articles are on my website and in the show description below. Looking forward to next year, watch for more product reviews, how to and tutorial videos. If there is a subject you’d like explored, please leave me a comment below. Thanks again for watching, I’m Michael, KB9VBR, Have a Happy New Year and 73.