462 MHz (GMRS) Land-Mobile Antenna

GMRS UHF J-Pole antennaGMRS radios are gaining in popularity daily. Inexpensive and effective, these radios are redefining how families keep in touch. Unfortunately you won’t get the range you need unless you have a good antenna.

The GMRS J-Pole is similar to the 440MHz antenna, but it is tuned for maximum performance on the 462 – 467 MHz GMRS band. This antenna has an SO-239 connector on it which mates to a PL-259 connector. These are the standard style UHF connectors. Please contact me if you radio system uses a different style connector, as you may require an adapter. If your base radio can accept an external antenna (many of the better models can), then adding one of these antennas will greatly improve your range. This antenna will also work on any of the commercial land-mobile and public safety frequencies located between 462 and 467 MHz.


  • GMRS Simplex and repeater operations, extend the range of your GMRS radio
  • Low noise floor easily captures weak signal stations
  • Omnidirectional radiation pattern works great with handheld and mobile radios
  • Works with UHF Public Safety, Business, and Land-Mobile radio bands
Not all GMRS radios can take an external antenna. If you have questions about this antenna or don’t know if your radio is compatible with it, please contact me first with the model of your radio. I’ll try my best to help you out.


  • Approximately 30 inches tall
  • Half Wave design with no need for groundplane or radials
  • 11 inch mounting section
  • SO-239 connector soldered on the point of lowest SWR
  • Pretuned for the 462 – 267 GMRS, land mobile radio, and public safety bands

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GMRS & Public Safety Land Mobile J-Pole Antenna (462-467 MHz)
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