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Low Power broadcast FM radio is taking off like crazy. If you are putting together a community radio station, non commercial radio station, church or ministry radio, special interest broadcast station, or just want to transmit Christmas music to go with your holiday lights display, then this antenna is for you.

This is a great basic antenna for your low power FM transmitter. The LPFM J-Pole is vertically polarized with about 3dbi (2.5 dbd) of gain. The average height is about 95 inches but varies slightly with the frequency it is tuned to. The antenna comes in two pieces with a screw connector in the middle for easy transport and storage. This antenna will handle at least 250 watts of RF power.  This antenna has an SO-239 connector on it which mates to a PL-259 connector. These are the standard style UHF connectors. Please contact me if you radio system uses a different style connector, as you may require an adapter.

I did some price comparisons online and this is definitely the best priced Low Power FM broadcast antenna I have found. similar antennas cost $150 or more and have the same level of performance as this one. If you are looking for an affordable antenna for your neighborhood radio station, special broadcast station, or Christmas holiday lights display, look no further.

FM broadcast Antenna custom tuned

Each antenna is custom tuned to your desired frequency. (Click to enlarge)

When you order this antenna, please leave a note during the checkout process to tell me which transmit frequency you want it tuned to, as each antenna is custom tuned when built.

The performance of your antenna is awesome.  I actually had to turn the volume down on my headphones, did not have any dead spots and the sound was much crisper than with my old antenna (wire inside PVC pipe).  And, I only stuck it in the ground so it was not elevated above roof tops.
– Lee L.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 6 × 2 in





N Female, SO-239

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5 reviews for Low Power FM (LPFM) Broadcast Antenna

  1. Jim Bennett (verified owner)

    Very happy return Customer. Never seen SWR readings this Low.
    Thank You Jim Bennett

  2. Bill Bro (verified owner)

    We purchased four LPFM antennas to compare, prior to licensing our station. Much to our pleasant surprise, this lightweight j-pole beat its competitors, including antennas that cost more than four times as much. Clearly, this is a “best-in-class” FM transmitting antenna. It should be considered where weight and obtrusiveness are possible obstacles. Painted with Krylon camouflage spray and located near foliage, the j-pole is nearly invisible.

  3. Michael R (verified owner)

    My KB9VBR LPFM J-Pole test was run using 24 watts in mono. I recorded an 8 mile actual range, line of sight, to my 2015 Hyundai SUV. My SUV has no visible vertical car antenna so I suspect I was cross polarized during the test. Your J-Pole mileage may vary. The KB9VBR J-Pole tested out equally well right side up and upside down. The SWR coming back from the J-Pole via a 100 foot run of 9913 coax was 1.3 to 1. I wish KB9VBR would also sell an affordable circularly polarized LPFM antenna or even an omni horizontally polarized LPFM antenna..

  4. Lennon (verified owner)

    This antenna put my 1/4 FM Gp antenna to shame am telling you. 5 Star rating in the making. My Radio Station is located below the terrain, well surrounding by hills and the J pole antenna give me a stronger signal out on the same watts i use it with my gp antenna. More range stronger signal out also it fill the dead spots where I wasn’t getting any signal

  5. Gene (verified owner)

    Running through 100 ft of RG8x cable I still got an SWR of 1.14. I am impressed!

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